Thursday, June 8, 2017

Establishing who we will be

We have a little mantra here that says 'Do power differently' and that means eliminate hierarchy, love your customers more, admit when you're wrong, this idea of eliminating the distance between me and you, creating a sense of we all rise and fall together, it's more like eliminating separation because… I don't care [about] the colour of my skin, my gender, we're all walking the same human path.”
“So, for me, just to embed that language and cooperation anywhere, especially [at] a utility company, has been my greatest honour.” 

“I always say, if you have a lot of power you have to be 10 times more humble because people don't like it already that you have power over them, so we have to just remind our team that people already feel powerless, so we have to be a lot more respectful, even when people are aggravated with us.”

Kelly Tomblin
Jamaica Observer
June 8, 2017

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